Scheduling the Lab

  • Scheduling time to use the lab is done by appointment. To set up a time for testing, please email with the dates and times you would like. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule.
  • When scheduling, please plan to arrive half an hour before your first test and plan to stay thirty minutes to an hour after your last test. This time is needed to set up for participants before testing and back up recordings after testing.

Backing Up Data

  • At the close of every day of testing session you will need to back up your data. We recommend using a dedicated external hard drive. The lab does not have the ability to store your data and cannot guarantee its safety. Eyetracking data takes up approximately 30GB per hour of recording. Due to the large file sizes, your hard drive must be NTFS formatted.

Is My Hard Drive NTFS Formatted

  • If you are bringing a new hard drive into the lab, it will automatically be formatted properly.
  • If you are using currently using your hard drive on a Mac, the drive is not formatted properly. We can format the drive in the lab, but you will lose all of the data on the drive. Once you are finished with your data, you can reformat the hard drive back to a Mac friendly format.
  • If you are using your hard drive on a PC and want to make sure it is NTFS formatted
    1. Plug the drive into your computer
    2. Open My Computer and right click on the drive name E.G. My Drive(G:)
    3. Click Properties
    4. On the properties panel, find the File System label
    5. If the file system is NTFS, your drive will work in the lab machines as is.
    6. If the file system is FAT32, your drive will need to be reformatted. We can reformat the drive in the lab, but reformatting will cause all of the data on the drive to be erased.