Our interdisciplinary faculty includes cognitive psychologists, user researchers, computer scientists, library scientists, artists, and game designers.

Cognitive Psychology and User Research


Deborah Kohl (M.A., Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University; Associate Professor, Division Chair)
As a cognitive psychologist, Deb helps graduate students develop expertise in research design, in the biological basis for human behavior, and in understanding how the processes of human cognition affect our interaction with computers and other digital devices. She teaches our HCI theory class, IDIA 640, Humans, Computers, and Cognition, the research methods course, and an advanced course in human-centered interaction design.
Office: AC200D Phone: 410.837.4698 email: dkohl@ubalt.edu


Kathryn Summers (Associate Professor; Ph.D., Texas Christian University)
Professor Summers teaches courses in user research methods, information design, interaction design, information architecture, and advanced eyetracking research. Her research has focused on understanding and supporting the online navigational and reading behaviors of people with lower literacy skills, people who are older, and people who are non-native speakers of English. Her current projects include a study of mobile Web-browsing by Hispanics and people with lower literacy skills.
Office: AC 200 E Phone: 410.837.6202 e-mail: ksummers@ubalt.edu home page

Library Science


Lucy Holman (DCD, University of Baltimore; MSLS, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Lucy Holman is currently the Director of Langsdale Library. She teaches Research Methods, Information Architecture, and Humans, Computers and Cognition in the graduate program. Her research interests include the search and information retrieval patterns of college students, educational uses of social media and reading strategies. She also consults with libraries on the usability of their websites and search tools.
Office: Langsdale Library Phone: 410.837.4333 e-mail: lholman@ubalt.edu

cjohnsoCatherine Johnson (MSLIS, Syracuse University)
Catherine Johnson is the coordinator of instruction at Langsdale Library. Catherine teaches courses on information literacy and social media. Her research interests include effective pedagogies for information literacy instruction and social media planning and use in organizations.

Office: Langsdale Library Phone: 410.837.427f e-mail: cajohnson@ubalt.edu


burclaffNatalie Burclaff (MLIS, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Natalie Burclaff is a reference and instruction librarian and affiliate assistant professor at Langsdale Library. She teaches courses on information literacy and social media. Her research interests include access policies, marketing strategies for libraries, and outreach services.
Office: Langsdale Library, room 208 phone: 410.837.5072 e-mail: nburclaff@ubalt.edu

Computer Science


picture of Cecelia Wright BrownCecelia Wright Brown (Assistant Professor, D.Eng. Morgan State University)



Office: AC 200 K Phone: 410.837.5004 e-mail: cwrightbrown@ubalt.edu


Mohammed Ketel (Associate Professor; Ph.D., Polytechnic University)

Program Director of Applied Information Arts and Technologies. Professor Ketel currently teaches in the areas of networking, operating system administration and support, and computer security. His research interests include distributed wireless networks, internet technologies, and soft computing.
Office: AC 200 L Phone: 410.837.5278 e-mail: mketel@ubalt.edu


Art and Game Design


picture of Aaron Oldenburg

Aaron Oldenburg (Assistant Professor, M.F.A., University of Maryland)
Program director of Simulation and Digital Entertainment. Aaron Oldenburg is a game designer and new media artist whose primary interest is in game rules as an expressive medium. His video and interactive work has exhibited in festivals and galleries in New York, Berlin, São Paulo and Los Angeles, including SIGGRAPH and FILE Electronic Language International Festival. He currently works on physical computing projects, designing new interfaces and electronic sculptures. He teaches game design and 3D animation as an Assistant Professor in the Simulation and Digital Entertainment program and has an MFA from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.
Office: AC 200 K Phone: 410.837.5181 e-mail: aoldenburg@ubalt.edu home page


picture of Anastasia Salter

Anastasia Salter (Assistant Professor, DCD, University of Baltimore; MFA, Hollins University)
Faculty in the BS in Simulation & Digital Entertainment program, Professor Salter teaches courses on game and web design, history and theory. Her primary research is on electronic literature and digital narratives, particularly in relationship to participatory culture and marginalized voices. Currently, she’s working on an extended study of the influence of Adobe Flash as a platform. She writes for ProfHacker, a blog on technology and pedagogy hosted by the Chronicle of Higher Education. She is a board member of the North American Games and Simulations Association (NASAGA) and on the editorial board of The Comics Grid.
Office: AC 200 B Phone: 410.837.5223 e-mail: asalter@ubalt.edu



IMG_1234_smallBridget Blodgett (Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University)
Faculty in the BS in Simulation & Digital Entertainment program, Professor Blodgett teaches courses on game, web, and human centered design. Her primary research is on the social structure of virtual communities within virtual worlds and the Internet, gender and video games, and technology mediated social movements.
Office: AC 200 C Phone: 410.837.5037 e-mail: bblodgett@ubalt.edu home page


GWalshGreg Walsh (Assistant Professor, Ph.D. University of Maryland)
Faculty in the BS in Simulation & Digital Entertainment program, Professor Walsh teaches courses on game design, human interaction design, and simulations. His primary research area involves participatory design and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) with a focus on design research for children’s technologies.
Office: AC 200 H Phone: 410.837.5473 e-mail: gwalsh@ubalt.edu