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The Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences has several programs offered through the Division of Science Information Arts and Technologies:

Simulation and Digital Entertainment, B.S.
Prepare for a career in game and simulation design by learning principles of interaction design, user experience design, computer programming, 3-D graphics, audio, and project management.

Graduate Programs:

We have certificate programs in information design, digital media production, and library technologies.

Certificate in Information Design
Develop your skills in usability analysis and system development, on a foundation of media design and production. This certificate can be completed online.

Certificate in Digital Media Production
Develop your skills in advanced design and creative work in emerging media.

Certificate in Library Technologies
Develop your skills in emerging library technologies and in user-centered design.

Master’s Degree in Interaction Design and Information Architecture, M.S.
Prepare for a career in helping to organize and shape the Web with a solid academic foundation in principles of interaction design, information architecture, human/computer interaction, and user research and participatory design methods. This degree can be completed online.

Doctorate of Science in Information and Interaction Design, D.S.
Become a leader in developing and applying advanced communications techniques to the online environment through advanced study in computing, interaction design, media, and user research methods.